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Goodhart Physical Therapy was created to provide you with true quality care.
Each session is one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for a full 60 minutes!

At Goodhart PT, I spend time getting to know you and why you are seeking Physical Therapy. On your first visit you will get a comprehensive evaluation to determine a diagnosis and the true cause of symptoms while also receiving a treatment session consisting of a mixture of manual therapy interventions, stretches, and exercises. Each session is designed to enhance your functional needs, helping you get back to doing what you love. After the session, you will receive an extensive home exercise program to help you get stronger between sessions and provide you with tools to stay active and healthy. Make sure you wear something comfortable!


Dr. Shari

Shari Goodhart PT, DPT earned her Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University and her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science with a minor in Psychology from Drexel University. Dr. Shari specializes in sports rehabilitation and orthopedic physical therapy, concussions/vestibular rehabilitation (ImPACT certified), running analysis (RRCA certified running coach), and on field care as an emergency medical responder for sporting events. 

Dr. Shari developed her passion for Physical Therapy at a young age. After undergoing 5 knee surgeries and over a decade of rehab she learned the value and necessity for personalized care. This experience has led to her functional treatment style with the focus on meaningful activity to meet each person's individual goals.

Dr. Shari shows her passion for Physical Therapy by customizing each treatment plan to meet the patient's goals.  Her specific dedication to each patient provides a challenging yet fun atmosphere during each session. This personal approach makes Goodhart PT a place to thrive as each patient is able to achieve goals that matter to them.

By conducting comprehensive evaluations, she is able to integrate a variety of therapeutic techniques to facilitate healing, restore function and improve strength/mobility.


Conditions Treated

• Pre/Post Surgical
• Concussion
• ACL/Ligament Tear
• Rotator Cuff Tear
• Labral Tear
• Joint Pain
• Neck/Back Pain
• Tendinitis
• IT Band
• Muscle Sprains
• Impingement
OTHER Services

Treatment Techniques

• One-on-One Care
• Manual Therapy
• Movement Screenings
• Cupping
• Kinesio Taping
• Graston
• Sports Specific Training
• Running Analysis
• Theragun

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